Thermal water

acque-termali_1The waters of the Abano and Montegrotto basin fall into the category of deep underground waters, unique because of the long distances they travel. The waters derive from the uncontaminated basins of the Lessini Mountains in the foot hills of the Alps, passing through calcareous rock and into the subsoil at a depth of approximately 2000-3000 meters. They are held at high temperatures and under strong pressures over the approximately 80 kilometer route that takes an average of 25/30 years. During this time they take on mineral salts and finally reach the Euganean Spas where they spring forth at a temperature of 87°C. The abundance of the dissolved substances make this water a unique thermal resource, one of its kind in the world. From the chemical point of view, these waters are classified as hyperthermal sodiobromidiodic watersand as having a fixed residue of 5-6 grams of dissolved salts per liter of water at 180°C. The extraordinary therapeutic value of the waters and muds found at Abano and Montegrotto derive from the strict regulations governing thermal extraction, preventing the indiscriminate use and depletion of the resources.

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