Contra-indications to Thermal Mud Applications

controindicazioni_1 Contra-indications to thermal mud applications are heart failures, kidney and liver failures, cerebral or peripheral vascular disease, malignant tumors, acute phases of inflammatory pathologies, hyperthyroidism, epilepsy and tuberculosis. Mud therapy should also be avoided while pregnant, during a period of breastfeeding, and in the first few days of the menstrual cycle.The duration, temperature and frequency of the mud application can be varied; therefore, a partial application of mud might be possible, even in the presence of these pathologies. This is also why there will be, a medical check-up before the administration of mud therapy.Venous pathology, which is the best known contra-indication, allows mud therapy while only excluding the lower limbs.

Dc. Eliana Mioni


Thermal Hotel Health Director

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